Character Census
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Our character census is updated by our members and it only displays character accounts. Staff accounts will not appear here. That said, our character counter is also accurate as it's modified to count only registered, active characters.

RankCharacter Name Gender Age Nationality Occupation Player Posts
MedjaiAkeem Fuad Male 33 Egyptian Warrior Sanny 50
DjedAkhom Menma'atre Male 33 Egyptian Warrior/Ambassador Sanny 13
CivilianAlex O'Connell Male 9 English American Student Jesi 19
AncientAnck-su-namun Female 3,000 Egyptian Concubine Charlie 5
CivilianAshling O'Shea Female 30 Scottish-Irish Tour Guide Jesi 2
CivilianCale Wade Male 37 American dude ranch-owner Sanny 1
ScholarEvelyn O'Connell Female 34 English Egyptian Egyptologist Vicky 196
MedjaiHosni-Faraj Aziz Male 28 Egyptian Spy/Trader/Warrior Sanny 0
DjedImenand Runihura Male 40 Egyptian Councilor/Priest Jesi 0
AncientImhotep Male 3,000 Egyptian High Priest Sanny 16
ApplicantJannik Nilsen Male 41 Danish Thief/Hustler Sanny 0
MedjaiKaseem Murat Aziz Male 22 Egyptian Scribe / Translator Charlie 1
DjedKhalfani Sahusakhet Male 36 Egyptian Chieftain Jesi 0
DjedMeti Menkaura Wasret Male 30 Egyptian Warrior, Spy Charlie 17
ScholarMontgomery James Clyde Male 38 English Professor Charlie 3
AncientNefertiri Female 3,000 Egyptian Great Royal Wife Vicky 33
ScholarNicolas Ignazio Janowitz Male 35 Italian (Jewish) Linguist Charlie 23
NPCNPC Account           0
AncientRamesses II Male 3,000 Egyptian Pharaoh Charlie 1
MedjaiRichard O'Connell Male 35 American Adventurer Jesi 16

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