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(England) Putting On A Brave Face

POSTED: 26 Jan 2013

  • Date and Time: August 4th 1927, 2pm
  • Setting: Ancient Egypt and Sudan Library of the British Museum
  • Weather Conditions: Overcast
Montgomery James Clyde looked terrible. His hair, greasy and unwashed, stuck up in all directions and he hadn't shaved three weeks, four days, 18 hours. Not since a doctor, younger than Montgomery by years, patted him on the arm and delivered the unthinkable news. Suzanne was dead, their child with her.

He was supposed to have bought an apartment yesterday. He'd been telephoned by the broker that morning in his hotel, someone had made an offer on Hickling Hall. A young family.

He'd made some vague noises of affirmation, then immediately come to the Museum, to the Library.

Burying himself among papers and books he felt calmer. Comforted by whispers of the ancient world. He immersed himself in the stuffy acedemic French of "Quelques idées sur la forme primitive de certaines religions égyptiennes a propos de l'identification de l'hiéroglyphe servant a écrire le mot dieu", thanking God that Victor Loret knew not the meaning of "succinct".

He hadn't slept in twenty four hours, and his suit was crumpled and unkempt. Cravings slammed at his gut. Just one line, went the thoughts in his head, just one, and we'll forget, just one and you won't have to see her face every time you close your eyes. Just one line.

"Do you have Revue égyptologique, by Loret?" he asked the librarian, who rifled through a drawer of index cards, tactfully not staring too long at the dark circles under his eyes. She wrote out the call number and item id, handing him the small card. Stressed out scholars who hadn't slept or changed in days were hardly new to her, and she didn't bat an eyelid when he smiled vacantly at the space next to her left ear. "Much obliged my good lady," he said quietly to the space behind her.
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POSTED: 08 May 2013

When Evelyn's car pulled up to the British Museum, she exited the vehicle, informing her chauffer that she would be ready in a couple of hours. Much to Evelyn's own surprise, it seemed that despite her recent resignation as curator of the Ancient Egypt and Sudan department two months ago, she was still visiting the museum frequently to research for her book: Curse of the Pharaohs: Myth and Mystery.

Hamunaptra, Evelyn felt, had opened a whole new world for her to explore; and one that Evelyn wondered just how much her father Howard had dabbled in. Her beliefs on her father and mother's death had changed, readily accepting their death to be linked to the fabled Curse of the Pharaohs, but the public didn't need to know that—only her family did.

However, Evelyn had found herself frequently apologizing to Rick for leaving Alex in his care as a result of her work. Her initial intention to settle down when they had moved to England had backfired, and for the sometime, Evelyn wondered if they were better off in Egypt. Even on her digs, she was still closer to home there and had been able to spend more time with Alex.

When Evelyn arrived at the library of the Ancient Egypt and Sudan department, Evelyn glanced towards the librarian's desk, granting her a gentle nod as she was headed towards the same section she had previously went to during her last visit. That was, until she caught sight of the man near her. Despite his unkempt appearance, Evelyn felt that she had recognized him from somewhere. However, she had met quite an extensive amount of people in her lifetime, most of whom were barely noteworthy.

Walking up to him, Evelyn asked in a hushed tone, "Pardon me sir…I hate to interrupt, but do I know you from somewhere? You seem rather familiar."

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I'm really sorry that it took ages to get this up. D: Let me know if anything needs editing? The book I mentioned that Evy's working on is the one from the M2 novels with the Scorpion King excerpt. I *assume* that it would have been written around this time since the excerpt was published in 1930.
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