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(Egypt) It Must Be Madness

POSTED: 01 May 2013

  • Date and Time: July, Night
  • Setting: Egypt, the Sahara
  • Weather Conditions: Clear
The sun was setting behind Shakira as she rode towards the small oasis. If it could be called that...a small patch of green and some rock's. It was said there was a cave somewhere among the rocks, but Shakira had never bothered to check. Another far larger oasis was only another hours march from this place, and on a more direct route to the city. This was a pit stop for wondering children, a place where rats and vermin came, not a busy trader.

Except here you are, Shakira...don't you have better things to do?

She'd managed to subdue her inner cynic long enough to make the journey over. The rest of her camp had set up just outside the city, and in the morning they would load up their pack-animals and head back home, to where her people awaited their new possessions. Until then, however, Shakira was free to do as she pleased, which was apparently to follow some Medjai out into the desert what exactly? What did she hope to gain from this little excursion?

This is how nice Djed girls die. This is how you die. You show up with your guard down and he slits your throat from behind. Mother was right, you are hopeless!

The Medja and Djed were bitter enemies, thousands of years of blood feuds could not be ignored for simple curiosity or attraction. Shakira should be ashamed of herself, but all she felt at this moment was anticipation. She had brought her usual weapons with her, and was sure to leave her large kukri out on display should the Medjai get any ideas, and yet she was still worried. The worst part though, was she was more worried he wouldn't show than if it was a trap...

"This is what going mad must feel like." She said to Horse, reaching down and affectionately rubbing the camel between the ears. Horse groaned in reply, a sure sign he was agreeing with Shakira. "No, I'm not turning back, I've already come this far!" She argued back at her camel, feeling the need to verbally reassure herself.

By the time she reached the assigned meeting place the sky had darkened completely. Stars had begun peeking out of the sky, and a waxing moon lit the ground and sent sprawling shadows over the sands.

Shakira descended from her camel carefully, keeping a cautious eye around her.

"Medjai?" She called out. She'd never called him anything but, never having bothered to actually learn his name. They'd already run into each other several more times since the incident with the armband, and yet she never called him by any name more affectionate than that of her sworn enemy. Perhaps it was easier when they parted that all she knew of him was his faction. That was she could forget his charm, or easy smile or the way his hands would lightly brush hers when no one was watching...

She swallowed nervously and reached behind her back. She gripped the handle of her dagger, hidden beneath the folds of her skirts and robe, ready to strike at any moment should it prove necessary. She stepped forward, her ears open to the empty sounds of the desert.

"Medjai...if this is a trick I'll be most displeased. Do not think I am just a helpless woman."

Yup. This is how she died.
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