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Khalfani Sahusakhet

POSTED: 21 May 2011

[adopticon name="Khalfani Sahusakhet" basics="36 • Male • Chieftain • Djed • Sahusakhet • PB: Marat Safin • Submitted by Sanny." blurb="After the death of Khenti Sahusakhet, chieftain of the Sahusakhet tribe, Khalfani took his father's position as the eldest of the Sahusakhet children and subsequently the heir, and rose to power in the midst of chaos. He proved to be a solid source for the tribe, barring his only remaining sibling Tuya, for whom he shares a mutual aversion with since teenhood. Sutekh, on the other hand, is a valuable asset to Khalfani – he doesn't quite agree with the prospect of raising unholy creatures from the dead to walk the earth, but he does see Sutekh's leadership as an opportunity for power and a chance to properly align himself." avatar=""][/adopticon]
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Marenaser tribe

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