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POSTED: 18 Apr 2010

Please submit all archiving requests here and a staff member will archive it for you. After your request is finished, the staff team will delete your response as a reminder that the thread was moved.

When replying use the form provided for you otherwise your request will be ignored.

A NOTE ON REQUESTS: Character search requests have their own archiving thread. Do not request them to be moved here!

Example Form

Name of thread: Here.
Category: Pre-Game, Egypt, or Ireland.
Role Play Thread Summary: In order to keep our summaries page updated, we require that one of the thread participants fills out a summary of their thread.
Reason for archival: Here.

The Code

Code: Select all
[b]Name of thread[/b]: [url=URLHERE]Thread Title Here[/url].
[b]Archive Category[/b]: Here.
[b]Role Play Thread Summary[/b]: Here.
[b]Reason for archival[/b]: Here.
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