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Revamping for a Reboot!

POSTED: 09 Sep 2012

Hey guys! In efforts to re-launch this game, I've recently did a mass cleanup, and more things will be updated/tweaked throughout the week. Here are some of the significant changes that you'll notice, though!

  • We no longer have a character development forum. I've observed over the time that these forums were rarely updated after a period of time, therefore I've archived everything in our new OOC archive.
  • As aforementioned, we have an OOC archive again! However, this is only visible to approved members only (you must be logged in to view this forum!), as all threads that were formerly in our character development forums were transferred there.
  • Although our character development forums were removed, we've kept our plotting forum!
  • Our IC archive boards have been transferred to the Role Playing area, that way they're easily accessible.
  • Our advertising forums were wiped out as we haven't advertised since February 2012. We plan on doing an advertising spree very soon, so please hang in there.
  • The Lounge received major changes as we've archived everything in that forum, in addition to removed our games section (however, players can now play games in the main lounge forum!) and content contribution forum. The content contribution forum was removed due to the installment of our Wiki, which permits players to contribute to the game at their own volition.
As a fair note, although we intend on rebooting the game, we are still continuing off of where we left off previously. We will not be restarting the game like we did in our previous versions.
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