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We're Open Threads Only!

POSTED: 15 Sep 2012

As of today, EE is officially open threads only! This is due to the fact that with our exclusive setting, characters will be able to intrude in threads realistically. The only exception is when visitors are intruding in a private residence without a valid reason, therefore some private residence threads can be considered "private."

With that said, I've removed the "characters allowed" feature from the topic starter code, as well as removed several post topic options like "private" and "invitation" from the RP forums.

You'll also find that the forums have recently been rearranged. This is due to the fact that we're trying to make things less daunting with empty forums, and due to our small size, there's really no need to have so many forums on the index.

Got any questions about this change? Feel free to post in the help desk or shoot me a PM!
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