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(WIP) Jannik Nilsen

POSTED: 06 Jun 2014

Jannik Søren Nilsen


Age and Birth Year: 41, born in June of 1892
Gender: Cisgender man.
Nationality: Danish.
Religion: Raised Lutheran, mostly agnostic.
Sexuality: Queer.
Social Class: Upper - mostly in part to his terrible thieving habits
Occupation: International jewel thief; currently a security guard in the Tower of London.
Languages Known:
  • Danish (native)
  • French (conversational)
  • German (conversational)
  • English
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.
Desired Team: Team Amulet.
Personal Belongings:
  • Usually a stolen item he’s secreted on his person for quick cash
  • An assortment of costumes and uniforms he's collected over the years for heisting purposes
  • A lock pick set

Positive Traits Negative Traits
Laid back
Addictive personality
Relatively unambitious



Writing Sample
As soon as they were alone, Akhom lost his power of speech as if the gods had stolen it right out of his mouth. He searched for the right words and only came up empty.

For the first time in his life, he didn’t know what to say.

In substitution, he held out his hands, painfully frustrated and almost pleading, as if to physically grope for words. They spoke with greater volume than did his voice, asking a million unspoken questions at once: what have we done? What was I supposed to do? Was it right? What if it isn’t? Are the consequences worth it? Is our faith enough? What happens next? How many more sacrifices can we make until we have nothing left to give?

But he didn’t expect answers—if he didn’t have them, then why should Suhad? For that matter, why should anyone human have them? Perhaps, Akhom thought, perhaps this choice was not really a choice, just disguised as such. Perhaps this path was penance for the Medjai massacre, and for whatever was in the Box Sutekh had given them. But only the gods knew; what right had he to claim otherwise? Moreover, what right did he have to demand answers of Them? He was only a mere mortal, and They omniscient and all-powerful.

Only They knew.

Frustrated, he sighed, and then greedily, Akhom roped Suhad into his arms. Now, when all was said and done, he could lay himself bare for her. Neither of them had to hold themselves together when they were here, alone.

That was the beauty of their love: they held each other together in ways no one else could.

Akhom settled on their cot, with Suhad in his lap. He kissed her hair and tucked the top of her head under his chin. Finally, somehow, he found his speech again.

“I’m sorry, hayati,” he apologized, pausing and carefully deliberating his next words. There was no light way to approach it, but he couldn't ignore it. “For Tuya. For this mess Sutekh has gotten us into. I fear we have but unleashed Apep Himself.”


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