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Original Character Application

POSTED: 22 Jan 2013

  • Thread title must be your character's first and last name.
  • Thread description must be your character's occupation.
  • Post your application in the main character center forum and nowhere else. Prefixes are required use.
  • Bump your thread when it's finished.
  • If an application goes untouched for 10 days it will be moved to the archives, presumed abandoned.
  • Your first character must be either a canon, wanted ad, or an original Medjai or Djed character. This rule was implemented as it's easier for these characters to get involved than other factions. Once you get settled in, you may apply for characters of other factions. We apologize for this inconvenience, but we won't make exceptions to this rule.
  • Remember that only The Mummy (1999) and The Mummy Returns (2001) are canon to us and nothing else.
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POSTED: 22 Jan 2013

Character’s Name Here

Faction here. (See this page for factions) State their tribe if applicable.


Age and Birth Year: All characters must be at least 30+ years old with the exception of canons and wanted ads, and already accepted characters will fall under the grandfather clause.
Sexuality: Your character’s sexuality is important in this period. We do accept all sexualities, but it must be emphasized that realistically speaking LGB persons kept their sexuality a secret as it was socially unacceptable during the time period. During conversation everyone will believe that your character’s heterosexual by default. Furthermore, a lot of countries (the UK included) made LGB illegal and it was punishable by imprisonment, therefore the game should reflect this also. Moreover, despite this field your character’s sexuality doesn’t have to be static.
Social Class: If your character is a Medjai, Djed or ancient, remove this section.
Languages Known: What languages does your character know? Be realistic and remember that languages take a long time to learn, and also remember to include how they learned these languages in their histories. Also consider mentioning their level of proficiency, e.g. fluent, conversational. Language barriers are also encouraged in this game as it provides linguists an opportunity to use their proficiency!
  • Civilians and militia can know up to 4 languages.
  • Scholars can know up to 16 languages depending on their age and occupation.
  • Medjai and Djed can know up to4 languages depending on their rank and time spent outside of their tribe.
Alignment: What is your characters moral code? Are they Lawful Good, Lawful Neutral, Lawful Evil, Neutral Good, True Neutral, Neutral Evil, Chaotic Good, Chaotic Neutral or Chaotic Evil in alignment? To find more about these alignments please check out this site!
Desired Team: Will your character be joining the O’Connell-Medjai party, or the Djed party?
Personal Belongings: Does your character carry anything on their person or own any noteworthy items? For example, heirlooms, weapons, horses? As a fair reminder, although we are a warfare game, your character shouldn't come in with an entire arsenal of weapons; weapons will not only be provided, but characters who aren't part of the Medjai, Djed or ancients faction will come in uninformed of the war, therefore there's no need for them to have weapons on their person.


  • There must be a minimum of 5 positive and 5 negative traits.
  • Traits must be one word, e.g. "friendly." Do not elaborate.
  • See this page for a trait chart.
  • Do not remove the | in between the sections. In order to generate the code for this field, it must be intact.


Provide us with an overview of your character's life up until now. It is not necessary to elaborate on every detail—please be concise! Also remember that the game year is 1934, therefore character histories should coincide with the time period.


Your Name:
Contact Details:
Time Zone:
How'd you find us?:
Character's play-by: If applicable, please state who your character's play-by is. If not, then omit this section.
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POSTED: 22 Jan 2013

The Application Code

Before filling out this application, please read our walkthrough. Some sections do have restrictions that are mentioned in our walkthrough, and we will not be responsible if you failed to follow it and we ask you to change it.

Code: Select all
[h1]Character’s Name Here[/h1][center][h2]Faction here. State their tribe if applicable here.[/h2][/center]
[avatar][img]1 100x100 icon of your character here.[/img][/avatar]
[b]Age and Birth Year[/b]: Here. (There are restrictions! Please read walkthrough.)
[b]Gender[/b]: Here.
[b]Nationality[/b]: Here.
[b]Religion[/b]: Here.
[b]Sexuality[/b]: Here.
[b]Social Class[/b]: Here.
[b]Occupation[/b]: Here.
[b]Languages Known[/b]: Here. (There are restrictions! Please read walkthrough.)
[b]Alignment[/b]: Here.
[b]Desired Team[/b]: Here.
[b]Personal Belongings[/b]:
Here. Please use bulleted lists if you add in more than one item!

[personality]Positive traits here|Negative traits here[/personality]


[b]Your Name[/b]:
[b]Contact Details[/b]:
[b]Time Zone[/b]:
[b]How'd you find us?[/b]:
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