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(Djed) Anum Qeb

POSTED: 25 Mar 2011

Anum Qeb
46 • Male • Warrior/Trainer • Djed • PB: Djimon Hounsou • Submitted by Elle.
Anum has been the member of the Djed from a young age. He's a hardened, experience warrior and is one of the few that helps train the younger recruits. He's incredibly scary and intimidating at first sight - one would definitely not want to get on his bad side. He's also a loyal, trustworthy fellow who will do anything for his comrades and has proven himself time and time again in battle. Anum never doubts Sutekh and is likely one of his most fierce loyalists - then again, he suffers from following out of blind faith even after all his time as a warrior; perhaps he needs to realize that at times it's alright to question an order.
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