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(Djed) Teremun Jarabi

POSTED: 25 Mar 2011

Teremun Jarabi
20ish • Male • Warrior • Djed • PB: Wentworth Miller • Submitted by Lee.
Teremun is descended from a string of legendary Djed warriors from both sides of his family tree. As one might guess, he grew up dreaming of glory and eagerly looked forward to the day when it might be his. Now that he's reached manhood and has recently been sworn into the ranks of the Djed warriors, he's eager to prove himself. During arms training and the few skirmishes against the Medjai he's been involved in, he's all business. But for the most part he's young, brash and exuberant, not to mention an outgoing practical joker with an oddball sense of humor. Teremun has proved himself as promising warrior material, but at the same time he's still green enough not to know better than to look forward to battle.
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