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(Medjai) --- Kepi

POSTED: 25 Mar 2011

--- Kepi
24 • Female • Domestic • Medjai • Q'orianka Kilcher • Submitted by Elle.
---- is a member of the Medjai. She's not a warrior - not even close (she's far too clumsy) - but rather she's a 'domestic'. She's been given the role of cleaning, making clothes, and cooking. It's not something that she minds too much - but she'd much rather be a storyteller, and dreams of days when she can gather everyone around her and tell tales of times past; she's an excellent teller of stories, it's just that no one has really noticed yet - other than when she tells tall tales about an adventure she's been in. In all truth, ----'s never had much of an adventure - something that saddens her quite a bit. She wants to experience her own story, rather than just make tales up. Many of the other women don't have time for her - she's too much of a dreamer than a doer, and that means that a lot of work never gets done when she's around.
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