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(Medjai) Ruh Zahi

POSTED: 25 Mar 2011

Ruh Zahi
28 • Male • Commander • Medjai. Submitted by Sojourner.
Ruh has always been considered an upstart among the ranks of Medjai leaders. He was just beginning to gain respect as a warrior when his father was slain in the Battle of Ahm Shere. According to tradition, the elders sought an older male relative to take the position, but not being able to find any; young Ruh finally won his father’s place. Since then, he has regarded the elders of the tribes with some suspicion, thinking that they would supplant him given the opportunity. Despite this he is a shining idealist amid the wearied ranks of Medjai. Usually fairly hot-headed, he has a tendency to react rather than think things through, and his pride can be a rather touchy matter.

Admin note: Due to Medjai updates, the hereditary position of a commander no longer applies to Ruh. Applicants will have to create a different backstory for him in order to become a commander, or simply make him a highly-ranked warrior instead.
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