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Adoption Forms

POSTED: 16 Sep 2011

Have an adoptable character that's needed for some sort of plot? Have no fear! This forum is specifically for you. Simply fill out one of the forms below and follow, start a new topic, and provide a blurb about your adoptable. Chances are someone might take your character! :D

As a fair note, please do not remove the | in the code; doing this will break the code!

Title + Description Codes

The thread title can either be your adoptable's forename and surname, or just their surname.

Thread Description Code
Code: Select all
Age • Gender  • Occupation

Form for Forum Submissions

With PBs:
Code: Select all
[adopticon]Name Here|Age • Gender  • Occupation|Here|Avatar here[/adopticon]

Without PBs:
Code: Select all
[adoptblank]Name Here|Age • Gender  • Occupation|Here"][/adoptblank]
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