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(Medjai) Benham Aziz

POSTED: 20 Nov 2011

Benham Aziz
56 • Male • Elder • Medjai • Submitted by Sanny & Charlie.
Benham was a great warrior in his youth, commanding the respect and admiration from his peers. Now he is one of the Elders of the tribe and uses his experience and knowledge to guide the decisions made by their serious, usually careful but at times recklessly foolish- bringing foreigners into their lives; swanning off to London, the complaints were long- and much beloved chief, Ardeth Bey. He still partakes in battles, and still holds a reputation as a fearsome fighter in spite of his age. He has two sons and a daughter with his wife Nazirah. He does not get along with either of his sons, who are both rebellious and indifferent to tradition. One bone of contention is his elder son, Hosni-Faraj [28], who has now gone through four divorces. It seems the boy gets married to another girl every two years- only to divorce her around six months later- simply to antagonise him. His younger son, Kaseem [22], is also a disapointment; as a very devout Muslim it is embarrassing for Benham that his son is an outspoken skeptic of Islam, and Kaseem's flagrant disregard for any authority is endlessly antagonising. His daughter however, is a solace to him. Unlike her brothers Rahima [16] is polite and demure; growing up in their shadows and being teased about their antics will do that to a girl. She much more takes after her parents; she is serious, devoutly religious and mindful of authority.

PB is up to you, but here are what his kids look like to give you some idea. =D

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