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Welcome to MyBB!

POSTED: 16 Feb 2013

Hey everyone, first and foremost, welcome to MyBB! I'm sure that some of you are surprised to see this change, but I felt it was for the best. For the past few months or so we have been receiving issues with our phpBB3 software as we became riddled with errors and downtime caused by it, and because of that, I felt that it was time for us to move to different software. While I still personally love phpBB3, I'm sure that a lot of you might enjoy MyBB's simplicity. Those of you who are more acquainted with Invisionfree or JCink might feel right at home with this move as this software is identical to both.

Unlike our past conversion (from SMF to phpBB3), we did not lose anything in the transfer and there shouldn't be any unusual characters aside from on the forums description (which will be updated as soon as possible).

Here's something's I'd like to introduce (or reintroduce) to you:
  • Account Switcher: we still have it! You can learn how to use this one here. Unfortunately it's not as "fancy" as phpBB3's as it doesn't have a dropdown and everything appears as inline text, but I'm sure it's an easy adjustment.
  • Buddy system: Keep track of your character's friends or acquaintances with our new buddy system! This will appear right on your profile, and you can easily add people to your buddy list by visiting them and clicking "add buddy."
  • Favorite Threads: Are you the type to lose track of all of your threads? Do you miss your thread trackers? This is a substitute—with just one click, you can now add your participated threads into to your favorites. The only downside is that this is only visible to you in your My Control panel, but it's a handy feature nonetheless!
  • Required age on registration: I'm sure that a lot of members might not enjoy this feature, but as I am also aware that several of you have had concerns about underage members joining the forum despite our age minimum, this is a somewhat remedy for that. New registrants will have to input their full date of birth in order to register, and if you are underage you will not be allowed on the forum.

If you need something from the other forum (such as drafts, etc.) please let me know and I can re-enable the other forum for you to retrieve this information! However, I would strongly recommend on seeing if it might be in your drafts folder on this forum beforehand. Please let me know if you still have drafts—I'd like to catalogue what's completely restored!
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