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Imenand Runihura

POSTED: 12 May 2013

Imenand Runihura


Age: 40
Gender: Male.
Nationality: Egyptian
Religion: Kemetism
Sexuality: Asexual.
Occupation: Councilor/Priest of Set
Languages Known:
Ancient Egyptian
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Desired Team: TEAM SET! Djed
Personal Belongings:
Small altar for Set
Several throwing daggers he keeps on his person at most times
An Arabian mare
Various trinkets and jewels (he's like a magpie, he is)

Positive Traits Negative Traits


As the son of a councilor, Imenand never wanted for much. His family was highly respected, and he lived a fairly privileged life with his mother and two elder sisters. As a child he rarely spoke, even when directly addressed. This led many, including his father to assume he was feeble minded. Never seeing the point of correcting them, Imenand let them believe it. Despite this his father attempted to teach him (at his mother's insistence) , not certain any of his lessons were even sinking in. He might never make it as a councilor, but his father supposed he might make a good scribe one day if nothing else. But Imenand was learning, and he was listening, often privy conversations others would not have had in front of him should they know just how clever he actually was.

As he grew up, Imenand's personality became more and more severe. He was not particularly pleasant the other children, and had often heretical questions about the Djed's place in the world. He was bored with the simple world around him and desperately wanted something more thrilling. He would read about the great wars his ancestors fought, and wished he could have been there in those ancient and glorious times.

The only time he was ever actually kind to the other children was when he wanted something, and since they assumed he was just the simple minded son of a councilor they would often let Imenand have his way. If they needed more convincing, Imenand was not above manipulation. Or, if he was just bored he may steal something from one family and leave it in the tent of another, just to see the chaos that would follow.

When he left for his rite of passage, many people did not think he would return. Imenand had never shown much aptitude for anything, so little was expected when he went in. Left with only a small amount of water and food, Imenand waited for the vision to come to him. For a long time nothing seemed to happen, and as hunger and thirst over took him he was certain he wouldn't receive any type of spiritual vision. He could not have been less prepared for what would come, and change his life entirely.

He saw Egypt as it had been, the Egypt he longed to be a part of thousands of years ago. He lived an entire lifetime through that vision, and walked through the ancient temples as a priest of the god Set. In it, he saw the faces of pharaohs and queens, which he would later recognize in his current life as their reincarnated spirits. When Imenand awoke he knew his life's purpose, and why he had always felt like such an outsider among his people. He was destined to bring about a great age of chaos and rebellion, an age where his god would be worshiped once again...and he could not do that as the slow witted son. He would have to change how the world saw him to accomplish these goals.

When he was brought home, he did not tell the elders of his past life. It was a secret, with information he would keep to himself until the proper moment. Instead he told them he has seen Egypt rebuilt, that he had seen the Djed rise from their place among the desert to reclaim all they had lost in the years since the last pharaoh's fall. It was decided then, that Imenand should continue to study under his father to become a councilor.

The change in Imenand was obvious, and his father noticed it almost immediately. Rather than being embarrassed by his son's silence or off putting attitude, he could be proud of Imenand's fierce determination and unshakable spirit. In just a few short years he had gone from quiet child to perhaps one of the most influential minds among his tribe. He studies languages, and even other religions, keen to know as much as he possibly could. Information was power, and he intended to absorb as much of it as he could. In this time he found ways to gain the favors of other councilors, by doing them favors or gaining them those hard to find items they may have desired. His family could not have been more proud of him, or indeed more in the way of his success.

At the age of 21, Imenand decided he no longer wished to simply train to be one of the great councilors, he wished to be one. He recognized the face of Sutekh as the pharaoh Seti, and took this as a sign that soon his god would require his services. He couldn't do that until he was on the council, so he poisoned his father's drink. It was just enough to make him ill, so that Imenand would take temporary ownership of his position on the council. Of course, the healer's were able to see that he had been poisoned, so to cover his tracks he poisoned the rest of his tribe's water supply, and found a way to blame it on their enemies, the Medjai. Many got ill, and a few even died, but any that might suspect Imenand would die. Among the dead were his sisters and father, but Imenand didn't seem to mind. he got what he wanted, and became part of the council.

Now, he bides his time, whispering things into the ears of the other councilors, waiting for his moment to bring about chaos and fire in the name of Set.

Writing Sample
Alex barely feels his limbs as he steps back from the door. The world focuses again, and he sees the reason for his ire standing two doors down the hall. Alex dumbly looks from the door to Ardeth, as if shocked by the other man's ability to teleport. His feet carry him before he recognizes what he's doing. His hand is already clenched in a fist and he swings it, hard across the other man's jaw.

He sees red, he feels red, like the colour is flooding his system and hitting every nerve. It's not until he feels something pricking his knuckles that he even realizes he's thrown multiple punches. Alex is breathing hard when he regains the feeling of his body.

Pain. Radiating through his bones as they collide with something solid.

There's blood on his knuckles and he doesn't know if its his or someone else's. His other hand is gripping something so tightly he can hear the ripping of fabric. His fingers loosen from the fabric and he takes a step back, his entire body shaking with adrenaline and false bravado.

"Sh-sh-she didn't hurt anyone." He says between shaking breaths. "We're supposed to-You're supposed to be better than them."

Alex took an unstable step back and reached a hand out to grasp the wall for balance. He felt utterly empty and heavy at the same time, like an eggshell trying to hold up a building. The truth had hallowed him out, utterly and completely. He felt beaten and afraid and so so so useless. There was nothing he could have done to stop it, nothing he could do to fix it. He could only demand more blood...

So much blood.

He reaches back with his right and hand and pulls out the gun he'd retrieved. It's one of his father's Chamelot-Delvigne revolvers, the twin to the one he'd taken with him out to dinner, apparently thinking the other would be safe in the drawer. Alex holds it in a shaking hand and points it at Ardeth.

Don't point a gun at anyone unless you're sure you can pull the trigger.

"What would happen if I pulled the trigger? Would your men kill me? Or my mother? Or would you wipe out my entire family, make no room for error, no chance of retaliation." The tears flowed freely down his face, wet lines on his enraged face.

"Tell me!" He shouts, taking a step forward when Ardeth doesn't answer right away. "You're the leader, the paragon at the top of this warrior tribe. So what would your men do to avenge you?"


Your Name: Jesi
Age: 24
Gender: Female
How can we contact you?: Smoke signal
Time Zone: GMT -8
Do you play any other characters?: Alex, Rick, Khalfani, Ashling, Shakira
How'd you find us?: Magics
Character's play-by: Billy Zane
Are you familiar with The Mummy trilogy?: Yup
Any plans for your character?: Mostly doing evil things for Team Mummy
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