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The Face Claim

POSTED: 18 Sep 2013

  • Play-bys are not mandatory and only accepted characters can claim a play-by. Play-by lists will automatically be updated by the staff team when a character has been accepted.
  • If you choose to use a play-by it must be based on a celebrity, model, actor, musician or a singer.
  • You’re not allowed to use yourself, people you know (in addition to acquaintances), anime/manga/cartoons/drawings, or people from social networks or internet celebrities for your character's play-by.

Face Claim
Character Name Played By
Pharaoh Seti I
Imenand Runihura
Rick O'Connell
Sutekh Marenaser
Nicolas Janowitz
Meti Wasret and Pharaoh Ramesses II
Alex O'Connell
Akhom Menma'atre
Jonathan Carnahan
Shakira Ouaiti
Tuya Marenaser and Great Royal Wife Tuya
Khalfani Sahusakhet
Ashling O'Shea
Akeem Fuad
Ardeth Bey
Evelyn O'Connell and Great Royal Wife Nefertiri
Kaseem Murat Aziz
Suhad Menma'atre
Cale Wade
young(ish) Pharaoh Seti I
Aharon Ipalé
Arnold Vosloo
Billy Zane
Brendan Fraser
Chris Cornell
David Gandy
Emile Steenveld
Freddie Boath
Jason Momoa
John Hannah
Leila Bekhti
Leonor Varela
Marat Safin
Marissa Merrill
Michal Ayeboua
Oded Fehr
Patricia Velásquez
Rachel Weisz
Rami Malik
Sonam Kapoor
Viggo Mortensen
Yul Brynner
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