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Canon Character Application

POSTED: 06 Jun 2014

Interested in applying for a canon character? Fantastic! All we need is for you to fill out the following.

Please note, that the canon application is only for The Mummy and The Mummy Returns canons. If you are applying for Colin Weasler or Jack O'Connell, please use the original character application instead.

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[h1]Character Name Here[/h1]
[center][b]Character Age Numerical | Character's Occupation | Character's Faction[/b][/center]
Writing sample goes here. All site rules apply (e.g. no god-moding, power-playing) and you can’t NPC canons that you aren’t applying for or rehash series events. The writing sample must be based on the character that you are applying for! Please include dialogue as it gives us an idea of how you portray your character. The subject of the writing sample is up to your discretion and we cannot provide writing prompts for you.

While we understand that we do not have a word count, please understand that this writing sample is meant for us to see how you portray the character, therefore please try your best and take your time on it. We would prefer (but not required) for the writing sample to be at least a couple of paragraphs as one paragraph is not enough for us to get an idea of your portrayal.

You can include whatever you want us to know about your headcanons for your portrayal of the character is here. As a fair note, this is an [b]optional section[/b], therefore you can choose to remove it.

[b]Your Name[/b]: Here.
[b]Age[/b]: Here.
[b]Contact Details[/b]: Here.
[b]Time Zone[/b]:  Here.
[b]By applying for a canon character, do you understand that The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, The Scorpion King series, and The Mummy Animated series is not canon to the game[/b]? 
[b]How'd you find us?[/b]:  Here.
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